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Attention Management: Shifting from Time Management to Attention Management for Productivity & Work Place Satisfaction

Pre-Recorded: In an age of Virtual Space, shifting from time management to attention management has surfaced as a priority goal for employees. Learn best practices for productivity.

Inclusive Language: Words Matter

Pre-Recorded: Learn about best practices with word usage to prevent community disruption.

Inclusive Language for Politicians and Public Figures

Scheduled: Learn Best Practices for Inclusive Language for Your Campaign or Public Facing Positions

Custom Training/Workshops

Contact DiversiFirm for a Consultation on Other Needs

Public Speaking 101: Pro Speaking Tips for Nerve Wrecked Leaders

Pre-Recorded: Best Practices for Public Speaking

Diversity Recruitment & Hiring Practices

Scheduled: Having a Recruitment and Hiring Issue? Let's Brainstorm Using Your Current Recruitment and Hiring Practices and develop strategies for improvements.

Bystander Intervention Strategies

Scheduled: Learn how to become a greater advocate for colleagues, students, and peers through best practice.

Working Across Age Groups

Pre-Recorded: Learn best practices in working across age groups in effective and innovative ways.

Disability 101: Advocating for Access

Pre-Recorded: Best Practices for Supporting our Individuals with Disability

Cultural Competency Training

Scheduled: Learn How to Become More Cultural Competent in Personal and Professional Capacities

Learning Your Leadership Styles

Scheduled: An Interactive Workshop on Learning Your Leadership Style and How to Support Others Who May Be Different

Culturally Relevant and Responsive Practices in Teaching

Scheduled: Let's be the change. It all starts with learning best practices and evaluating one's curriculum and practices.

Serving the Whole Person: Intersectional Practices to Increase Retention & Belonging

Scheduled: Virtual Training to Gain Best Practice in Supporting Intersectionality in the Workplace, Student Support, etc.

What's Up with Pronouns?

Pre-Recorded: Virtual Training to Understand Pronouns and the Importance of its Use

Understanding the Role of Trauma: Trauma-Informed & Healing-Centered Engagement Training

Scheduled: Virtual Training to Learn about how Trauma Impacts Success and Ways to Communicate with a Trauma-Informed/Healing-Centered Lens

Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Pre-Recorded: Virtual Training to Learn Best Practice Sexual Misconduct Prevention Strategies

Diversity Employee Relations Group Development

Scheduled: Learn How to Set Up Your Diversity Employee Relations Group to Support Belonging at Your Institution/Company

Handling Uncomfortable Conversations

Pre-Recorded: Virtual Training to Enhance Tactical Skills on Handing Uncomfortable Conversations

Strategic Planning & Development

Scheduled: Virtual Think-Tank on Creating Strategic Initiatives and Development of Policy, Practice, Pedagogy and Protocol.

Monthly Subscription (Individual)

Subscribe to Monthly Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training and Workshops to Support Your Cultural Competency

Monthly Subscription (Companies/Institutions)

Subscribe to Monthly Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training and Workshops to Support Your Company or Institutions Cultural Competency

Bias in the Workplace

Pre-Recorded Virtual Training Tackling Bias in the Workplace

Implicit Bias

Pre-Recorded Virtual Training Educating You on Implicit Bias

Safe Space Ally Training

Scheduled Virtual Training to Understand How to Become Greater Allies for the LGBTQ+ Community

Restorative Justice

Scheduled: Learn How to Implement Restorative Justice in Your Companies and Institution.

Anti-Racist Practices for Higher Education

Pre-Recorded Virtual Training to Support Anti-Racist Practices in Higher Education

Anti-Racist Practices for Companies

Pre-Recorded Virtual Training to Support Anti-Racist Practices in Company Environments


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