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Recruitment is a top priority to DiversiFirm. We want you to work with the best or to find the the best positionthat fits your speciality. Whether you are a candidate or an employer looking for new hires, we have dedicated Practice leads representing some of the the top fields to aid in your search process.

The Leadership Search Process for Employers:


We believe in transparency of our leadership search model and costs associated. To retrain our company for leadership search, we competitively situate ourselves within a 20-24% of the estimated total annual compensation a candidate is expected to receive in their first year in the position.  This fee also includes: resume vetting, reference checks, background checks, and exploratory interviews. Employers receive access to an exclusive portal that includes candidate information, feedback, and additional needs to make your leadership search seamless.

Just need help with a recruitment plan? We can help with this as well. Contact us today about our comprehensive solutions.